Schools set to vote on education merger by end of September 2017, says chairman of public service commission The government is expected to set aside almost £2bn of savings from its education reforms in July 2017, which would give schools time to assess the impact of the package.

The commission was set up in July to advise on a review of public spending in England and Wales and to advise on plans to boost public sector recruitment. It was named in 2016 after Theresa May’s election campaign promise to set up a select committee to review the education system. It said last week that it had a meeting on August 3 “to address the process for the public and private sector to respond to the consultation.” Schools will now be allowed to apply to the new body for advice about school reform. The education secretary, Justine Greening, said the government planned to give schools extra time to scrutinise the proposals in July.

But some opposition parties, including Labour, have said the school funding package is unworkab보성출장샵 보성안마le and not worth the additional money needed, and have called on universities to stop funding the government’s flagship universal free schools programme in the face of pressure from unions. Greening promised to “take the opportunity to work with all parties in government to build on the achievements of this crucial reform” following her election victory. She said the government’s plan to allow universities to fund the introduction of academies would make universities the “greatest players in providing learning for all”. “Today, universities will be an indispensable part of the new school model,” Greening said. She also said the government would work to ensure the quality of local educational services were “enhanced to deliver t로투스 홀짝he best for students and communities”.

The government is due to publish a new set of performance reports on the reforms, which include a commitment by all 10 main schools to provide better training for teachers. Schools will also be able to provide more free classes and other supports for their teachers. School leaders have welcomed the changes, saying it means fewer teachers will have to choose between teaching and going to work in order to be able to teach to a wider school. But they have also warned it will create instability and give the government control over education. As a result, there will be less support for schools, and more competition for funding. The government said it has listened to the views of teachers on how they will be able to teach under the proposed new rules.

In the absence of clear evidence-based outcomes, the government will be able to use school-run school assessments t바카라 사이트o determine which schools will get access to extra fundin