Health ministers pay tribute to late ethicist

Anatoly Prokofiev, Russia’s director of state preservation, was among the many figures who laid wreaths at Prokofiev’s home in the southern city of Volgograd in memory of the Russian philosopher.

Prokofiev, 85, died on Sunday after a six-week illness. His daughter, Liza, told RIA Novosti that his wife, Natalia Prokofiev, had asked that the bouquet슈퍼 카지노 be presented to him in her absence.

A spokesman for the state department, who would not give his name, told The Associated Press that the department was aware that Prokofiev died.

One of Russia’s most prominent philosophers, Prokofiev wrote extensively on the role of the state in society and his philosophy of philosophy and met with Adolf Hitler and Kim Jong Un in the 1940s and 1950s, helping the latter understand and apply his ideas.

Prokofiev was born in Novosibirsk in 1932 and was a well-known university professor and philosopher. In 1954, he founded the Institute for the Philosophy of Religion, which 카지노 게임later became the Institute of Philosophy in Russia.

Prokofiev’s books have sold over a million copies and have won several international prizes. His works include “The State and the Soul,” which advocates that the state should play a more active role in social life and on behalf of indivi평택출장마사지duals.

The Institute for the Philosophy of Religion won the Nobel prize in economics in 2001.