Bridgestone accept blame for ferraris slow start, says Nascar spokesman

By 호 게임Chris Fennell

Ferraris are still waiting for their sixth and final car to be delivered as the 2014 F1 season draws closer – but now it is Bridgestone that has the finger on the wheel.

Speaking during the press conference for the new Ferrari SF70H prototype, chief engineer Sergio Marchionne had admitted the F1 team suffered from “lack of resources, but also lack of desire to invest the money necessary to make it a successful project”.

That might seem a bit harsh given that Renault recently revealed that the company was investing a further £4 billion for a new engine, a design which has yet to be produced.

However, speaking to Sky Sports F1 earlier this week, Marchion속초안마ne said the car was now “on track” and the only reason for the team’s delay was not putting the cars onto the tracks.

Nissa광주 출장 안마n also appeared to be putting off the 2015 F1 season for some time at the end of 2012 and while there was a belief that it was waiting for the right engine to be developed for it, there was also the matter of the new regulations.

All this being said, Marchionne said: “If you are trying to make a car for another manufacturer or for another client, you have to pay attention to the situation.

“The situation we are in is we are not in the last year of the contracts that we have had for these cars.”

Marchionne, however, added that while there would be a change in the regulations next year, there were no delays on the new engine.

He said: “If you look at what our engineers have been able to do with the last year or so of the contract we have had, it is quite impressive and I would say is one of the key reasons for why it’s been as successful as it has been is because of the design that we have been able to achieve and the work that has gone into it.

“We made a few mistakes at the beginning of the year. There were parts that we thought were wrong, parts that were not right and we had issues with some components that we thought were right, and we were hoping to solve those issues at the beginning of the year, but unfortunately, at the end of the year, we’ve got problems that we can’t deal with until the end of 2014 and we’re not in that position to be competitive.

“The reason wh